Colorado Man Forgets Why He’s in Garage

A Colorado man has announced he can’t remember why he went into his garage. Dave Dreefglom, a husband, father of four, and a mechanical engineer, described the horrific event to us this morning.

“Oh, man. It was brutal. It’s still difficult. It’s still difficult for me to talk about. It was umm… well it was just a regular old Sunday afternoon, you know. I was doing a few things around the house, I had the golf on. The kids had some friends over, they were running all around the house. I was in the kitchen, and I found myself wandering towards the garage. I know I needed to go in there for something, I know it. There was a reason I went to the garage, but when I got out there, I just found myself standing by the fridge looking around aimlessly. I couldn’t remember why I was there. I tried to remember why I went out there, but… man this is tough. I… I just couldn’t remember. I just couldn’t remember.”

Mr. Dreefglom isn’t the only one to experience the tragedy of garage dysphoria. It’s estimated that 400 people per day seize to remember why they went into the garage, staring blankly at the ground asking, “Why? Why am I here?” Luckily, there is hope. We can fight this terrible terrible condition if we come together. The WTFWID (What the Fuck Was I Doing) Collective is offering free membership all week to anyone who has experienced garage dysphoria. The organization provides tools and support to help people remember why it is they went into the garage in the first goddam place. This include pens and notepads, recording devices, and a 24-hour delirium hot line.

Remember. There is hope, and you’re not alone.

2 thoughts on “Colorado Man Forgets Why He’s in Garage”

  1. Oh my God! Thank you for sharing this information. I thought I was alone. The shame of my condition was driving me mad, I felt impotent. Over the years my Dysphoria has worsened, it has now spread to the point that it affects almost every part of the house as well as the garage. If I look to the positives in this nightmare, which I try to do, I am getting much fitter as I now walk aimlessly around the house all day. At least now I don’t feel quite the freak that I used to knowing there are other sufferers out there. Is there a discount for a lifetime membership of “WTFWID”, if so how do I apply?


    1. Hahahaha this is the best. I think they’re doing a sale next week for lifetime memberships to WTFWID in your third bedroom but you’ll probably forget why you’re going there halfway up the stairs so I don’t know if it’s even worth it.


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